Strategy Advice

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Our Services

Establishment of Market and Competition Analyses

and following alternative strategies for the business structure of the company and its future market development

Assessment of Alternative Business Models

as part of feasibility studies and financial valuation (business plans) for decision making

Support in Implementing New Agreed Business Models/New Agreed Strategies

either in the form of consulting services or interim management

Satisfied Clients

one of the largest companies world-wide in the railway sector: establishment of a market study including a competition analysis for one of their divisions; derivation of recommandations for the future strategic development of this division or rather its operational implementation
worldwide operating manufacturer of vehicles and special equipment in the field of NBC defence: weak point analysis, consultancy and support in the implementation of reorganization measures and following of the strategic and operative realignment of the company; establishment of the company´s business in South Korea (for civil end-users/civil protection as well as for defence technology companies) with local partners
engineering company working in the field of software development for the maintenance of sophisticated rail sector infrastructures: market and competition analysis; preparation of cooperative concepts as well as M&A activities as an alternative scenario