Mergers & Acquisitions

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Our Services

Support for the Purchase/Sale of Companies/Parts of Companies

support of numerous transactions in different forms (share deal, asset deal …); the involved companies range from small companies to large international groups

Support for Succession Plans

(MBO, interim management …)

Satisfied Clients

numerous german companies in the field of software development and planning/project planning for rail-bound traffic; after 10 years of operational management by D & K and after reaching the grwoth targets one of the companies was sold to one of the largest companies worldwide in the rail sector; other projects were successfully transacted in the “mid-sized” market
Swiss manufacturer of special equipment for monitoring transport chains; shutdown of the Luxembourg subsidiary and transfer of their activities to the Swiss partner; finally sale of the Swiss company

worldwide operating manufacturer of vehicles and special equipment in the field of NBC defence; establishing cooperations with other companies and preparation of a company sale as a mid-term alternative scenario

trading company in the field of office communication; involved in the sale of two business units
joint venture in the field of international intermodal transport; support of the operational tasks within the development phase , following a reorganization up to the takeover of all activities by one of the joint venture members; different companies and partner in Germany and the Netherlands were involved in this project
Depending on the task first D & K was supporting either the seller side or the buyer side (in individual cases as mediator as well), and after the transaction was successfully launched D&K had an operational active role (see Interim Management) on behalf of the buyer for several times.