Interim Management

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Our Services

Takeover of Operating Commercial and Marketing/Sales Supporting Management Tasks on behalf of the Management Board

overall commercial management; interface between the company and external investors, public/governmental agencies and/or external auditors/tax consultants


support in implementing of new administrative processes


commercial support of the marketing/sales staff

Overall Management or just Overall Control of the Company on behalf of the Shareholder(s)


takeover of the management board itself or a position equal to the management board (general power of attorney)


monitoring function within an investment controlling

Satisfied Clients

software developer for rail freight companies for 10 years (2003-2013): operational overall management of a company on behalf of the new owner (private investor), starting from the sale from the old owner (Aktiengesellschaft/corporation) in 2003 up to the time when the company was sold again in 2013 (as part of the estate administration for the meanwhile deceased private investor); in 2013 the company was sold to a corporation (Aktiengesellschaft)
Management Board for a holding (2013-2016); sale of the holding’s shares as part of an estate administration (on behalf of the executor for the in the meanwhile deceased owner of the holding)
NBC defence (2009-2018): at the beginning restructuring on behalf of the owner; later takeover of commercial special tasks such as building up a new marketing/sales structure in South Korea or order processing in the Arabian region
joint venture in the field of international intermodal transport; commercial special tasks on behalf of a shareholder until the end of the joint venture